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To overcome catabolite repression, industrial fermentation processes are usually operated in substrate‐limited fed‐batch mode. Therefore, the implementation of such an operati (…)

Authors: Tobias Habicher; Arian John; Niklas Scholl; Andreas Daub; Tobias Klein; Priya Philip; Jochen Büchs

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering

The application of standard sensor electrodes is often limited to stirred tank reactors due to their wired nature and their large space requirement. For other cultivation syst (…)

Authors: Tim Lauterbach; Tobias Lüke; Maik-Julian Büker; Christian Hedayat; Tassilo Gernandt; Rüdiger Moll; Michael Grösel; Stephan Lenk; Franziska Seidel; Dietmar Brunner; Thomas Bley; Thomas Walther; Felix Lenk

Journal: Sensors and Actuators A: Physica, Volume: 287

Microtiter plates with 96 wells are routinely used in biofilm research mainly because they enable high-throughput assays. These platforms are used in a variety of conditions r (…)

Authors: Gomes, L. C.; Moreira, J. M. R.; Teodosio, J. S.; Araujo, J. D. P.; Miranda, J. M.; Simoes, M.; Melo, L. F.; Mergulhao, F. J.

Journal: Biofouling, Volume: 30, Issue: 5, Pages: 535-546

Microtiter plates are one of the most widely used platforms for biofilm studies. However, these systems have been used rather blindly without knowledge of the flow characteris (…)

Authors: Moreira, Joana M. R.; Gomes, Luciana C.; Araujo, Jose D. P.; Miranda, Joao M.; Simoes, Manuel; Melo, Luis F.; Mergulhao, Filipe J.

Journal: Chemical Engineering Science, Volume: 94, Pages: 192-199

Tissue engineering is a promising approach for bone regeneration; yet challenges remain that limit successful translation to patients. It is necessary to understand how real-w (…)

Authors: De Silva Thompson, David; Peticone, Carlotta; Burova, Iva; Shipley, Rebecca J.Knowles, Jonathan C.; Kim, Hae-Won; Micheletti, Martina; Wall, Ivan B.

Journal: Journal of Tissue Engineering, Volume: 10

Fed-batch conditions are advantageous for industrial cultivations as they avoid unfavorable phenomena appearing in batch cultivations. Those are for example (…)

Authors: T. Keil; B. Dittrich; C. Lattermann; T. Habicher; Jochen Büchs

Journal: Journal of Biological Engineering (2019)

Deviations from normal levels and patterns of vascular fluid shear play important roles in vascular physiology and pathophysiology by inducing adaptive as well as pathological (…)

Authors: White, Luke A.; Stevenson, Emily V.; Yun, J. Winny; Eshaq, Randa; Harris, Norman R.; Mills, David K.; Minagar, Alireza; Couraud, Pierre-Olivier; Alexander, J. Steven

Journal: Journal of Visualized Experiment (2016), Issue: 116

Transport of macromolecules across vascular endothelium and its modification by fluid mechanical forces are important for normal tissue function and in the development of athe (…)

Authors: Ghim, Mean; Alpresa, Paola; Yang, Sung-Wook; Braakman, Sietse T.; Gray, Stephen G.; Sherwin, Spencer J.; van Reeuwijk, Maarten; Weinberg, Peter D.

Journal: American Physiological Society - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, Volume: 313, Issue: 5, Pages: H959-H973

The increasing application of regenerative medicine has generated a growing demand for stem cells and their derivatives. Single-use bioreactors offer an attractive platform fo (…)

Authors: Nurhayati, Retno Wahyu; Ojima, Yoshihiro; Dohda, Takeaki; Kino-Oka, Masahiro

Journal: Biotechnology Progress (2018), Volume: 34, Issue: 2, Pages: 362-369

Biomedical coatings are used to promote the wear resistance and the biocompatibility of a mechanical heart valve. An orbital shaking test was proposed to assess the durability (…)

Authors: Cherng, Wen-Jin; Dong, Zuo-Syuan; Chou, Chau-Chang; Yeh, Chi-Hsiao; Pan, Yu-Heng

Journal: Micromachines, Volume: 8, Issue: 4

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